Service Charges

What are Service Charges?

Service Charges are levied by your landlord to recover the costs it incurs in providing those services stipulated in your lease and/or required by law.

The charge normally covers the cost of matters such as general maintenance and repairs, lighting and cleaning of common areas, garden maintenance etc.

The Service Charge also includes the cost of management and the preparation and auditing of Service Charge accounts.

Limits on Service Charges?

Service Charges can go up or down without any limit. Your landlord is not obliged to minimise costs, but must ensure that they are reasonable in the circumstances.

Apartment owners have the right to challenge service charges that they feel are unreasonable at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.

HWH Estate Management LLP will look to tender for services on a periodic basis with a view to procuring best value for all cleaning, gardening, maintenance and repair
works to apartment buildings and grounds.

When are service charges payable?

The way in which the service charge is organised is set out in your lease. As your landlord will often have incurred the cost of the services prior to calling payment from you, it is important that payment of any Service Charge is made promptly on request.

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