Who insures?

Your lease provides for your landlord to insure the apartment building and grounds.

Who Pays?

A proportion of the cost of such insurance is recoverable from you (as specified in your lease).

When is payment due?

Once your landlord (or HWH Estate Management LLP, on your landlord’s behalf) has paid for the building’s insurance premium, we will invoice you for your proportion of the buildings insurance cost.

What is insured?

Your landlord will insure against usual building insurance risks.

Your lease will also stipulate whether your landlord is required to insure against any additional risks (such as third party liability, terrorism cover etc.).

Claiming on the building insurance – who to contact?

If you need to make a claim on the building insurance please contact HWH Estate
Management LLP (01892 769 998 or at to obtain a claim form and further details.

Subject to your account being clear of arrears, you will be provided with a claim form to complete and return and HWH Estate Management LLP will then pass this on to the appropriate claims handler.

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