Other Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to enquire about extending my lease – who do I contact?

In the first instance, please contact HWH Estate Management LLP in writing. We will confirm a point of contact for you to liaise and negotiate with on behalf of your landlord. The fees and premiums payable will vary depending on the length of your lease.

I need to obtain the landlord’s consent for alterations – who do I contact?

In the first instance, requests must be submitted in writing, accompanied by
plans/drawings/specifications/method statements etc., to HWH Estate Management
LLP. HWH Estate Management LLP process minor consents for a nominal fee (dependant on the nature of the request). If a license or an inspection is required for a major alteration, the fees will be communicated to you. You may also be required to pay the landlord’s reasonable costs.

My neighbour is in breach of lease – who should I report this to?

It is always cheaper and easier to try and talk to your neighbour to resolve the issue. If this is not possible and the breach is in respect of anti social behaviour you must report the matter to the Police and/or Local Authority.

If the breach persists, and depending on the nature of the breach, HWH Estate Management LLP may consider it appropriate to serve notice on behalf of your landlord to the offending apartment owner. If the breach persists the matter may be referred to solicitors with instructions to seek forfeiture of the offending apartment owner’s lease. In either case, if such action is necessary, costs will need to be incurred and you will be asked for prior payment on account of such costs.

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