Landlord enquiries and conveyancing related fees

Our fees for conveyancing related landlord  services are as follows: Standard landlord’s enquiries (see attached list):     £80 Additonal landlord enquiries:     £5 per additonal enquiry raised Notice of assignment / transfer:     £40 Notice of mortgage:     £40 Accepting Deeds of Covenant and/or issuing Land Registry consents:     £50 Lease variations:     price on application Licence for alterations:     price on application […]

Safety Equipment

HWH Estate Management commissions a safety (Risk assessment) survey on your property shortly after instruction to manage. It is crucial that your building is protected with adequate measures to ensure that all residents, contractors and visitors are safe whilst at the property. Examples of safety equipment assessed: Fire detection systems. Smoke detection systems. Smoke extraction systems. […]

Major Works

Major works are generally required periodically as stated in your lease. HWH Estate Management will oversee and manage existing and future programmes to ensure the building does not depreciate due to neglect and that works stipulated in the building’s leases are undertaken on time. Example of services relating to major works: The preparation of works […]

Service Contracts

HWH Estate Management will ensure that, all the required contracts are in place to ensure that your building is running smoothly. We: Negotiate terms and conditions. Monitor quality. Monitor cost control. Re tender for services, where required. Terminate contractor were unsatisfactory performance is evident.

Service Charge Accounting

Collection of service charge demands, reserve funds and ground rents. Preparation of service charge budgets. Cash flow forecasts and future expenditure. Payment of approved invoices to contractors and utilities. Proactive credit control. Preparation and submission of annual accounts. Full analyses of income and expenditure. Delivery of documentation for each leaseholder.

Statutory Compliance

HWH Estate Management takes great time and care to ensure that all properties we manage are properly risk assessed and Health and Safety compliant.


The external appearance of any building is the first thing everyone sees. HWH Estate Management believe that this area of upkeep is of paramount importance. Example of gardening services comprise: We instigate a regular up keep programme during all seasons. We tender the contracts to ensure best value. We monitor the progress of the contract. We do […]


Common parts, landings and stairwells are obviously the most used area of a building, the amount of traffic depends on the size and set up of the property. It is important to ensure that the cleaning frequency is based upon this. We instigate a cleaning programme to suit the property. We regularly inspect the property to […]

Standard Landlord Enquiries

The following landlord enquries are charged at a total cost of £80 (additonal enquiries are charged at £5 per enquiry):

Other FAQs

I would like to enquire about extending my lease – who do I contact? In the first instance, please contact HWH Estate Management LLP in writing. We will confirm a point of contact for you to liaise and negotiate with on behalf of your landlord. The fees and premiums payable will vary depending on the […]

Making Payment

Please address all cheques to ‘HWH Estate Management LLP’ and return (quoting the relevant reference number appearing on the applicable demand for payment) to: HWH Estate Management LLP, 39 Yew Tree Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 0BH Should you wish to make payment by direct bank transfer, please email your request to enquiries@hwhestatemanagement.co.uk and we […]


Who insures? Your lease provides for your landlord to insure the apartment building and grounds. Who Pays? A proportion of the cost of such insurance is recoverable from you (as specified in your lease). When is payment due? Once your landlord (or HWH Estate Management LLP, on your landlord’s behalf) has paid for the building’s […]

Service Charges

What are Service Charges? Service Charges are levied by your landlord to recover the costs it incurs in providing those services stipulated in your lease and/or required by law. The charge normally covers the cost of matters such as general maintenance and repairs, lighting and cleaning of common areas, garden maintenance etc. The Service Charge […]

Failure to Pay

Failure to pay the Ground Rent, buildings insurance contribution and/or Service Charge promptly on request may result in all or any of the following: You incurring: a late payment administration charge if we (as the landlord’s agent) have to chase for payment. interest on the debt (charged at 5% above the base rate of the […]

Ground Rent

What is Ground Rent? Ground Rent is a rent due to the landlord of your apartment building (also known as the freeholder) as a condition of your lease. Your lease stipulates the level of Ground Rent payable to the landlord. It is usual for the Ground Rent to rise periodically during the term of your […]